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     (+357)77 77 86 60


    The Municipality of Geroskipou in an effort to provide the best possible service to the public, created the Citizen’s Service Office which operates within the Municipal building.

    The office aims to the improvement and upgrade of services that are offered the Municipality citizens in all levels.

    Specifically, it aims to provide the citizen with the following:
    • The opportunity to have direct contact and communication with the Public Service
    • A prompt and efficient service dealing with requests, questions and/or proposals, offering the correct and relevant information
    • The Citizen’s Service Office aims to continually improve the efficiency of the municipal service and upgrade the overall quality of service to residents of Geroskipou
    • All requests, complaints and suggestions made by residents are recorded, coded and forwarded to the appropriate department/services responsible for further investigation. Each department has an obligation to review or examine these issues promptly and within its jurisdiction, to instruct and inform the citizen on their options and/or the course of action to be taken in accordance with the specific nature of the subject
    • The Citizen’s Service Office keeps track of every recorded issue and has an electronic system whereby the concerned services are automatically reminded of any outstanding issues

    The Citizen’s Service Office can be contacted during business hours as follows:
    Monday to Friday from 7.30a.m to 3.00p.m

    How it works
    If you wish to get information on any subject concerning the Municipality or to submit a complaint or proposal, you can apply to the Citizen’s Services Office in order to obtain the information that you ask or to submit the complaint or proposal choosing one of the following options:
    • Visiting the Citizen’s Services Office at the Municipality
    • Calling at: 77 77 86 60
    • Sending a letter to: Citizen’s Services Office, Geroskipou Municipality, P.O.Box 63015, 8201 Geroskipou, Paphos
    • E-mailing to:

    This system keeps statistical data of demands, complaints etc., so that it is easy to control of timely response of Departments of Municipality to them.

    Geroskipou Municipality

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